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Birthdate:Oct 1
Location:New York, United States of America
To do list:
Become charming and coquettish novelist, living an itinerant and often scandalous lifestyle that takes me throughout cobblestoned European capitals. Serve as Oxford don.

Write grandly labyrinthine meditation in novel form on Medieval monasticism, nineteenth-century aesthetes, and psychological complexity, replete with footnotes

Incite ideological revolution

Acquire home in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, original Gutenberg Bible, two horses, three husbands

Interests (121):

a.s. byatt, academia, acting, africa, almodovar, antigone, aquinas, art theft, augustine, bergman, bicycling through cities, bohemian, books, catholicism, catullus, chess, chopin, classics, coffee, coffeehouses, cole porter, conservatism, conversing in cafes, cultural history, d.phils, david bowie, dh lawrence, directing plays, dons, dreaming, early roman christianity, eastern orthodoxy, eikasia, european affairs, expatriates, flanerie, folklore, foreign films, g.k. chesterton, german romanticism, graphomania, greece, guitar, hegel, heroism, historiography, history, homer, horace, idealism, internationalism, janis joplin, jazz, karl barth, last year at marienbad, lawrence of arabia, liszt, love, luigi pirandello, making up words, martial, moliere, mythology, nationalism, new york, opera, oriel college oxford, orthodoxy, oscar wilde, oxford, oxford formals, panama hats, paris, patristics, pelerinage, philosophy of history, politics, proust, proustian recollection, reading books, reinhold niehbur, richard burton, robertson davies, rome, saudaudes, sehnsucht, serbian nationalism, show tunes, sinatra, sir walter raleigh, sprezzatura, stoicism, t.s. eliot, tbilisi, tea, the aeneid, the balkans, the iliad, the odyssey, the pixies, the rat pack, the university life, the velvet underground, theatre, theologians, theologizing, theology, thomas mann, traditionalism, travel, truffaut, vergangenheitsbewältigung, victor hugo, vienna, virgil, wandering, wandering through europe, william makepeace thackarey, writers, writing, writing the great-italo-franco-american novel
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