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ohmypersephone ([personal profile] ohmypersephone) wrote2010-09-06 07:17 pm

I live here now!

Tbilisi baths, 30 meters from the new flat:

My flat is just up the street uphill facing this region, and it's what you can see walking out the door...

still pretty gutted about novel-writing contest, but having lovely time with Brian in Tbilisi, so trying to ignore it.

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That is a fantastic view!

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Hello. I looked at the write-up on your userinfo page and was immediately struck by our commonalities; especially in music and reading tastes. I would like to add you and hope you'd be alright with that.

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Happy birthday!

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I bathed there. A furry and fully mustachioed big Georgian man scrubbed me without any pity. I also had an amazing time eating kinkalis and tsvadi and drinking clay tasting wine at the three mans and a dog restaurant.